Inspired by the Parisian nights, MidnightMethods opts for the alternative to luxury codes to light.

The pieces from this inspiration advance a worked minimalist elegance in every detail. The graphics orbit the night of the eclipse, which marks the boundary between day and night, when this very special energy takes form, where anything is possible but where the night still belongs to us ...


Draw of the night involves some rebellion. Therefore MidnightMethods does not follow fashion, but the influence and create an alternative to it with his own style

Casual chic.


The rooms are simple and functional but worked, tshirts, sweatshirts and jogging in quality materials and innovative cuts. The graphics are built around midnight and devious means to act after the fact, to play the game. Black and sparkling, the collection is an alternative approach to fashion and luxury.


His identity is true to his style:

a sobriety worked in every detail - the tonal elements with fluorescent in the dark.

This is a once night fell as the details emerge and the identity is affirmed. A just reward for a brand that has drawn inspiration to midnight, somewhere in Paris.